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When You Can’t Find the Right Networking Group, Start One of Your Own!


Networking can be the most effective way of making valuable business contacts and sharing ideas with other successful, like-minded people.  It can also help you make new connections and advance your career. There are plenty of groups around, but finding one that meets your needs isn’t always easy.  For some entrepreneurs, the solution has been to start a group of their own. 

Team Network  is making it easier than ever to make new business connections, expand your referral network, and find new customers through referral marketing.

Disadvantages of Building a Networking Group on Your Own

  • Being on your own

  • No infrastructure support (no website, email marketing, or mobile app)

  • Limited business community connections

  • Limited marketing support

  • Limited leadership support

Advantages of Building a Networking Group with Team Network Corporation

· Corporate training program (videos, documents, and leadership mentoring)
· Direct access to the Team Network CEO/President
· Group management control
· Marketing support to grow your group (email, social media, and introductions)
· Extensive technology infrastructure (custom website and mobile app with communication tools)
· Easy online member sign-up form
· Provide members with their own profile page
· Never pay membership dues

Team Network – Virtual Networking & In Person Networking


Team Network understands the challenges we are all facing during the COVID-19 pandemic and how it is affecting the business community.

At this time, Team Network is embracing online meeting technologies, and is hosting an exciting variety of virtual networking opportunities.  When the business community is ready to meet face-to-face, our strategy will be to support your new group to continue meeting online, or to transition to a hybrid of both.  That decision will be up to you and your members.

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