How Team Network is Different



Each “Team” is made up of various “exclusive” business categories from A to Z, i.e.; Accountant; Bank; Carpet; Dentist; Electrician; Florist; Graphic Designer; Home Improvement; Insurance; etc.

Historically, Teams have been established with a geographic element named and meeting in cities and towns more convenient for members to attend meetings, although Zoom Conferencing, new technologies, and other social changes are making this less critical.

All potential new members are required to visit their prospective Team meetings. They are pre-screened for quality, dependability and personal service and are then vetted to see if they “fit-in.” They are looking for those who exhibit a genuine enthusiasm for helping their Team be successful. If so determined, they are invited to join by the Team Captain.

Finally, incoming members are required to sign-off on the Team Network Articles of Understanding prior to initiating their membership. Their profile is added to their Team Page and are provided some guidance how to network successfully and take full advantage of what the value proposition Team Network has to offer.

B2B oriented and other vertical market Teams

Team Network is providing a special opportunity to those people who are generating 50% or more of their gross sales with other businesses as opposed to everyday consumers. If you feel you fit into that criteria and your category is open, you will be able to become part of a Team Network group primarily made up of people in business categories such as Commercial Real Estate, Advertising Companies, Business Coaches, IT Service Companies, Business Bankers, CPA’s, Business Law Attorneys, Commercial Insurance Agents, Office Equipment Sales People, etc.

We are also planning to start Teams soon that be made up of members who serve the real estate market, the health and wellness industry, or perhaps the growing senior market.

Non-Exclusive Category Team

We currently have one group anyone can join at any time that has no restrictions regarding your business category called the Team Network “Rally Point Community.” This group meets Daily from 4:00 to 5:00 PM Monday through Thursday.

Rally Point Zoom Conferences are professionally facilitated designed for networking, brain-storming, learning, sharing, camaraderie, and to lift each other up as we close each day. These meeting are filled with Themes – Guests Speakers – Topics – Discussions – Introductions, and more.

Any member of Team Network in good standing can attend these meeting for free. Guests can attend twice for free, but will be asked to join at either the Silver ($35/mo) or Gold ($50/mo) level. The Gold level allows for members to visit other Team Network Team Zoom meetings at will, as long as their category is open.

Team Network Zoom Conferencing and Face-to-Face Gatherings

We find ourselves in restrictive times. When Covid-19 hit the 2nd week of March 2020, Team Network quickly pivoted, moving all our meeting online. We currently still meet that way, almost exclusively. However, some groups have opted to start experimenting with outside gatherings incorporating social distancing, and masking-up to abide by the local regulations in order to interact in a safe matter.

Members are discovering that they love the convenience of meeting online. Some groups are finding them so efficient and so effective that they don’t want to ever go back to the way it was. Taking valuable time from their days to fight traffic, burn gas, purchase food and beverages to build business networking relationships. They love being able to visit groups with such ease. Groups they would never visit because they are miles away from where they work and live. AND THEY ARE GENERATING NEW BUSINESS!

Martys (Meeting/Parties).

The unique “Marty” concept strategically blends social interaction combined with a business meeting. for 20+ years the term Marty and its meaning have become synonymous with the Team Network itself. Members are even referred to as “Marty-ers,” and while they are participating at one they are “Marty-ing!”

When a Marty event is announced, Team Network members come together typically at their fellow members’ places of business. The first 30 minutes provides members and their guests with a relaxed, party atmosphere where all can have fun and enjoy themselves. This format helps break down barriers. Members truly get to know one another and forge strong personal relationships characterized by warmth and respect.

After 30 minutes, the meeting is called to order and the formal portion of the Marty is held. This is when members are called to order to share valuable information with the whole group, give testimonials, pass qualified leads, and explore creative ways to help one another to become more successful. This is also when potential member guests are given an opportunity to introduce themselves. When a group of high-energy, successful, non-competing entrepreneurs commit to work together for everyone’s benefit, the results are amazing!


Happy Hour Huddles are typically held in a local restaurant and are more social in nature. A shorter, less formal, meeting takes place for attendees to make a quick introduction and to make a few announcements.

Punches (One-On-Ones)

Meeting with a fellow Teammate one-on-one to talk business and get to know one another gives fellow members the best chance to form a tight-knit networking bond. These “Punches” (Power Lunches) are strongly encouraged for members to take full advantage of their Team membership. It’s also not unusual for Punches to consist of more than one Team Member our may include a guest for introduction. It’s particularly effective if these Power Lunch participants share overlapping target markets.


The Team Network Mega-Marty is defined as a special event where two or more Teams gather together for a networking function. It’s common for members to meet fellow Team Members from other groups (Team Cousins) where new valuable relations are formed This activity expands each others reach and resources. Members who participate in these opportunities have generated thousands of dollars of addition business through Team Network without adding one dime in additional membership dues.

Other Team Member Gatherings

Beyond these very regular Zoom Conference meetings and other events mentioned above, the Team Network has organized a number of peripheral activities through the years such as professional sporting events, golf outings, holiday parties, business expos, even taking an ocean cruise to the Western Caribbean.

We have organized professional seminars and workshops on various topics for the benefit of Team Network members. We also have spearheaded and/or joined many joint networking events with other networking organizations. Team Network is all about providing a variety of networking options and opportunities. This truly explodes our value proposition! We help our members build closer relationships with more people than any other organization that we know of, all designed to help you grow your businesses at an accelerated rate.