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Meet The CEO

Before there was any such thing as formal business networking clubs, I founded the Team Network Corporation. I have been organizing and managing small business networking groups in Maryland, Virginia, and the Washington, D.C. Metro Area for more than 30 years.

My knowledge and hands-on experience qualifies me as one of the leading experts and authorities on the social dynamics of small business networking.

Along with the outstanding team captains and officers in this organization, we manage 12 networking teams totaling over 200 members. Team Network has an outstanding reputation, and maintains its own style and brand in the world of networking organizations. Within Team Network, each group is empowered to be unique, deciding as a team where they meet, how often they meet, what times of day they meet, and the format of meetings.

I am known for my leadership abilities, motivational skills, enthusiastic attitude, and my ability to make things happen. Locals know me as the “go-to guy” for anyone looking for a referral of a quality local business in the Washington Metro Area, and I have also been praised by local Chambers of Commerce and other groups for my informative, practical, and immediately useful business networking seminars and workshops.

You are welcome to call me for any reason. I am always eager and willing to help people in any way I can.

Interested in learning why becoming a member of Team Network is a smart investment for you and your business? Think you’ve got what it takes to start and lead a networking group? Call and ask for me at Team Network (301-260-0060), and we can talk about how we might be able to help one another.

Curt Kowalski, President and Founder

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